MultiOne GSM

GSM gate opener and communicator

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icon_yes1 optocoupler (voltage) input

icon_yes1 230VAC / 24VDC, NO/NC relay output

icon_yes Monostable (250 sec.) Bistable output control

icon_yesPower supply: 16-24 VAC or  10-30 VDC

icon_yesSMS sending to a predefined user phone number


Output control by phone numbers which are saved on the SIM card (250/500), or control without caller ID

icon_yes Programming by DIP switches and SMS

  • Plug & Play installation: device is ready to use without programming.
  • The module has a relayed output that can be controlled with a free voice call using caller identification. Control phone numbers (250/500) are stored on the SIM card which is inserted in the module.
  • Without caller identification the module can be controlled from any telephone numbers.
  • Output type can be normally close or normally open, maximum load is 5A and 230 VAC /24 VDC.
  • Output can operate in monostable or in bistable mode;when in monostable mode maximum control time is 250 seconds.
  • When voltage arrives to the input the device sends an SMS message to a previously stored number and it will ring a telephone number on demand. Voltage arriving to the input can be between 5-30 V.
  • Basic module settings are adjustable with the DIP switches. Telephone numbers for notification and output control duration in monostable mode can be set  with SMS commands.
Inputs (+ expander): 1
Relayed Outputs (+ expander): 1
Relayed output load: max. 230VDC@5A
OC outputs (+ expander):
OC output load:
User phone numbers for sending notification: 1
User phone numbers for output control: Unlimited / 250/500 phone number
Independent signal sending to monitoring center:
User phone numbers for forwarding incoming SMSs:
Transmission channel: GSM
Caller identification:
Alarm center function (arm/disarm, entry/exit delay)
Selectable 24h zones:
Adjustable input sensitivity:
Configurable inputs (NO/NC):
Independent SMS sending to user phone numbers with customized text:
Monitoring station phone numbers:
Periodic test report sending:
Sending recorded voice message to user phone numbers:
Sending alarm to user phone number with siren sound:
Inbuilt internal clock:
Event list / number of stored events:
GSM signal strength monitoring and logging hourly
Translation Contact ID codes into SMS along with sending it to user phone numbers (Distinguishing 250 events and 250 zones)
Configurable own Contact ID codes:
Telephone line simulation:
PSTN phone line monitoring:
Output activation with free GSM call:
Security SMS password:
Programming software(PC, Android):
Programming method: SMS / DIP Switch
 í6 Battery connection options:
Power drain (standby/transmitting over GSM): 25mA/700mA
Simulated line/transmitting over GSM:
Power voltage: 16-24 VAC 10-35 VDC
  • Power supply: 16-24 VAC or 10-35 VDC
  • Standby / maximum current drain:
    • 12V@25mA/700mA
    • 24V@15mA/350mA
  • Output relay load: max. 230V@5A
  • GSM modem type: SIMCOM 800
  • GSM frequencies: GSM 850 / EGSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 (Multi-Band)
  • SIM card usage: carrier-free module
  • GSM antenna type SMA connector ( the package contains)
  • Size: 59 x 53 x 21 mm, package size: 132 x 128 x 32 mm
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C – +50°C
  • Control: gate, barrier and gate opening
  • Home automation (air conditioner, heating system, sauna, lighting)


The package includes

icon_yesInstaller manual
icon_yesWarranty ticket