Starter Kit

We have compiled a starter package for you in which you will find every information you will need to get acquainted with our GSM/GPRS modules. We would like to favour you with a present which will ease the product usage!

Why did our partners choose us?

  • Our customer service team readily answer your general and also technical questions in a short time
  • Our products with built-in market leading features meet the strictest international quality requirements
  • Our continuous upgrades ensures we can satisfy new end-user and also installer requirements
  • Our manufacturer stock enables us to serve your specific orders in a short time
  • The TellSystem warranty covers not only our products but also our services as well


"I am very happy with the selection of our cooperation and day by day confirmed."


"Thank you so much, I have never worked with such a really good company. I cannot believe how flexible company are."


"We wanted to thank you because we receveid our order yesterday.
You really are very professional.
We did not find a forum on your site to tell that for your future customers."


"We have sold lot of EasyLine units without problems and almost all is working well still (with phone line simulator use). So great product!"

Kocom Finland Oy