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Remote Control

Control remotely your electronic devices and save the time and cost switch in/out would imply. You can remotely start and stop heating, sauna, lighting, alarm, pump etc.. even 4 devices can be controlled simultaneously and independently.

Managing users remotely

You can add or remove users with SMS command thus you can grant or delete authorities without visiting the site. Remote controller and pass card will not stay at the client anymore which can lead to abuses.

Remote status check

You can check the status of your controlled devices with an SMS message thus you might save time and energy as you are informed without visiting the site.

Setting the outputs

The output of the GSM module can be customized so it can meet any requirement. It can be operated as monostable (one state) or bistable (two states) output. Maximum duration of monostable controlling can be 65000 seconds. At will controlling can be anytime stopped or modified.

Expanding possibilities

If you would like to control more electronic devices with the GSM module you can expand the outputs. With the expansion panel you can control your devices remotely with different settings and independently.

Sending notification of status change

You might want to receive a confirmation SMS after controlling in which you are notified if the lighting, sauna or heating is on or off. This way parallel controlling can be avoided when there are multiple users.

Error notification

GSM modules can be set to control the output in case of a communication failure. With this setting you can be notified of the failure prior the missing life sign message.

Uninterrupted operation

By using the ProBattery battery you can power the GSM module and you can be also notified of the occurring power-cut. The quick connector fitted battery can be easily swapped if needed. The GSM module provides the battery with the appropriate charging voltage and maintenance.

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