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Forwarding alarm signals

You can forward signals from other devices (ex. alarm center, fire-alarm or other electric appliance) via GSM network to monitoring centers and/or to your own number. You can set the module to send also voice- SMS- or Contact id messages. it can translate the Contact id message arriving from the alarm center to SMS text and that can be forwarded up to 8 telephone numbers.

International protocol

When using Contact ID and GPRS data connection the GSM module employs the communication protocols that meet the international standards.

Parallel signal forwarding

The communication channel of GSM modules can be freely selected so Contact ID messages arriving from alarm centers can be forwarded via voice call or GPRS channel to the remote surveillance unit. The GSM module allows you to select an internationally compatible encryption for the GPRS communication.

Translating Contact ID into SMS

Contact ID message can be translated to SMS and it can be forwarded to 8 telephone numbers depending on event type. We can substitute zone names with place names thus the user can easily read on his mobile phone what event happened at which place. The GSM module can match 250 zones with 250 events.

Line simulation, remote programming

For the alarm center GSM module provides a simulated line which is equivalent with the characteristics of a telephone line. The benefit of this that you might have a phone line where phone line is not available. The phone line facilitates to reach and remotely program the alarm center.

Plug and Play installation

If you need basic functions you can use the GSM module with the alarm center instantly without additional programming. Default settings facilitate sending Contact ID for remote surveillance centers.


Notification of GSM failure

Communication failure originated from GSM communication is feedbacked to the alarm center through output controlling. Depending on the settings user can be notified of the occurring errors.

Uninterrupted operation

By using the ProBattery battery you can power the GSM module and you can be also notified of the occurring power-cut. The quick connector fitted battery can be easily swapped if needed. The GSM module provides the battery with the appropriate charging voltage and maintenance.

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