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We made a starter pack for you in which you get all the informations regarding our GSM/GPRS modules. We would like to give you a gift to make the usage of the GSM modules easier.

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Why our customers chose us?

  • Our customer representatives answer the technical as well as general questions in short time.

  • Our cutting edge products comply with the highest international quality standards.

  • Our new developments allow to comply with the new demands of the users and installers.

  • Our stock allows us to fulfill your unique orders in short time .

  • The TellSystem guarantees related to our products along with our services too.

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Our customers’ opinion

“I have been working nearly 20 years with similar products. I install, program as well as repairing them. I worked with english, canadian, italian, polish, romanian, russian and hungarian product  and software. Nevertheless, I have never seen a software wihout unnecessary services  like this. This software is about what we need for. It fits pefectly to the hungarian people thinking methodology. We need to switch on the software and “just” use. It is simple and great.

Zsolt Szépvölgyi, Riarex Kft.

“One software for  all of the GSM modules. I like the EasyCon GSM because a thing does not exist that I would not able to set.”

Attila Tápai

“We have great experiences. It works without any problem along with making our life easier increadibly. It is discerete. The house not loud because of the ringing than before. Due to the fact the we do not have to look the intercom all the time, it provides a huge freedom.”

Sarutlan Kármelita Sisters, Magyarszék

“I like the products because the programming is undestandable and easy. Regarding your company: if I have ever looked for you with any sort of problem you had helped me. Moreover, all the devices that I installed work perfectly.”

József Bangó

“I felt great today morning at the training because the mood was homely. I really appreciate the lot of information that I heard at the presenting. Your professional experience and intrepidity regarding your company and products is very impressive.”

Zsolt Szabó, MNS Védelem Kft