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Can we help you?

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We made a starter pack for you in which you get all the informations regarding our GSM/GPRS modules. We would like to give you a gift to make the usage of the GSM modules easier.

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Why our customers chose us?

  • Our customer representatives answer the technical as well as general questions in short time.

  • Our cutting edge products comply with the highest international quality standards.

  • Our new developments allow to comply with the new demands of the users and installers.

  • Our stock allows us to fulfill your unique orders in short time .

  • The TellSystem guarantees related to our products along with our services too.

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Our customers’ opinion

“Reliabilty and quick response on emails.

Jan Tijssen, Secutime

“I like the way how you listen to us – your partners.

Jaakko Salakka, Murtomiehet Oy

“Very user friendly software.

Miha Rehms

“Your support is very good. If we had problems you always solved it very fast.

Mehrar Matevz, M-TECHNIK d.o.o.

“The ProLine is a reliable product. Fast delivery, very good support.

Panayiotis Mavrides, M.T. Piperaris Trading Ltd.

“The products are working well, the delivery is fast.

Haase Gerrit Dinant, PORTACON

“It is easy to use the products. The support is very good.

Michael Boecksteiner

“Good sales and after sales support. Good expansion modules. Many possible configurations and flexible products.

Andrej Muzina, Donet. d.o.o.

“The delivery time is very good! The service is very kind.

Erik Af Halström, FSM Oy